A desire to improve relationships with romantic partners, family members, co-workers, and even friends lead many to seek help through psychotherapy. Even the most loving relationships can become a source of stress when we encounter difficulty. We often think if the other person behaved differently or if we did something differently, we would not suffer. When we relive conflicts or seek resolution through strategizing, we lose hope when these methods fail.

Marriage, partnership, or any other kind of relationship provides an excellent opportunity to transform our suffering into growth. Seeing that failed methods no longer work for you becomes the first step in realizing: “There must be another way.”

Becoming aware of the thoughts and behavioral the patterns that lead to negative communication habits is the first step in breaking these patterns and transforming. Many of us were not taught the important skills we needed by our parents or society that would empower us to have fulfilling and meaningful relationships. The time is now to learn and decide who you are going to be and what are you going to do. To break the chain of repeating unhealthy patterns from past generations, we now choose to learn to change our scripts of how to relate to each other.

Through psychoeducation, coaching, and putting new learned methods into practice, you will develop the skills and understanding to discover the growth and fulfillment naturally in yourself and your relationships. You will find the freedom to be yourself and allow others the freedom to do the same -- resolving seeming conflicts with grace, or even more miraculously, allowing such conflicts to resolve themselves without making them into a problem.

Relationships offer a life-long source of joy, connection, and understanding. When we know how to communicate and understand our experiences with each other and ourselves, we find freedom to live in joy and peace with everyone we encounter.

Psychotherapy brings real positive change to your relationships. You will:

• Identify the sources of conflict and suffering in your relationship

• Determine what an ideal relationship means to you

• Discover the obstacles in your thinking and behavior that lead to conflict

• Learn the methods to cultivate healthy thinking and behavior that brings harmony, joy, and understanding

• Realize your place of inner power and develop trust in yourself in any situation

• Enjoy the positive changes that come from allowing your life and relationships to change

• Experience deeper opportunities to learn and heal as you begin to walk the path to a new way of life


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