“It Came to Pass”

“It Came to Pass”

I wanted to share this little paragraph by Marianne Williamson because it has helped me so much as a pointing finger and reminder.  Would love to hear your thoughts!

Relationships, even and perhaps particularly intimate ones, go through seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. One of the mistakes we make with relationships that we would never make with the weather is impatience with the seasons. As hot as the summer might be, leaves will begin to fall off the trees come autumn. And as painfully cold as winter might feel, the seeds of spring lie underneath the ground and will blossom when they are supposed to. We have faith in the weather, and we should similarly have faith in love. Relationships are never over; those who are brought together by God are held in His hands as one until the spring arrives. Do not bemoan either autumn or winter, for they are inevitable. And spring, when it does come, is even more glorious when following the chill and the seemingly barren landscape of cold and bitter winter months.

Be patient then with the seasons of love, and your heart will hurt no more. 


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