Self Forgiveness

Self Forgiveness

I came up with this topic pretty quickly after seeing a mistake in a previous blog post.  I saw all my TYPOS and I felt all the energy drain from me!  Yes, we all make mistakes – it is not the mistake defines us, but how we deal with it.  I take responsibility for my typos and I am sorry if my blog did not reflect the ideas I wanted to share.  The truth is, mistakes are beneficial when we learn from them because  they are no longer mistakes….  With much practice, I always have the opportunity to forgive myself by coming back to the present moment and make the effort rather than holding on to and attaching to my mistake, reliving it over and over again and being at the effect of my judgment.  The Course in Miracles points out that we cannot change things at the level of effect, only at the level of Cause.  All Cause creates form on some level.  Cause is Thought; effect is form.  Since I cannot go back to the past and change the blog that was already sent out, which is the effect or form, what I can do RIGHT NOW is change on the level of Cause, which means I CAN change my Thought about it.  The past is over, but I can change my mind about it.  The responsibility is on me – Do I choose the thoughts of Love or do I choose the thoughts of fear?

The practice is simple, not easy!


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