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“It Came to Pass”

9. November 2018

I wanted to share this little paragraph by Marianne Williamson because it has helped me so much as a pointing finger and reminder.  Would love to hear your thoughts! Relationships, even and perhaps particularly intimate ones, go through seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. One of the mistakes we make with relationships that we would […]

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Self Forgiveness

27. October 2018

I came up with this topic pretty quickly after reading my blog  from last Friday, October 19.  I saw all my TYPOS and I felt all the energy drain from me!  Yes, we all make mistakes – it is not the mistake defines us, but how we deal with it.  I take responsibility for my […]

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What Inspires You?

19. October 2018

When you look at the meaning of the word “inspiration,” it can be thought of as “In Spirit” or of divine influence, in other words – a spark of passion.  Inspiration always comes from within – you simply know when you think something is beautiful because causes you to stop for a moment, and that […]

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How to Ride the Ox or the Horse!

21. September 2018

by Gillian Kosen Marcus As a zen student, we are assigned to give talks from time to time by my zen teacher or Roshi.  This is a written transcript of a talk I gave a little while ago and I thought it would be a good representation of zen practice and applying it in your […]

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Genuine Love

15. August 2018

While it is ineffable, this is a beautiful description of True Love by Tenzin Palmo, a Buddhist Nun and one of the very few Western  yoginis trained in the East. I have attached the video for you as well – but here is what she says: The problem is always that we mistake the idea […]

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